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Anything You Can Do, I Can Do…sometimes?

Life can sometimes come at you like a huge boulder... knocking the sense right out of you, or into you. So...I ask do you become the best version of yourself?  Is this based on what the world has told... Continue Reading →

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My Weightless Journey

I have this idea of being weightless. Enlightened...being comfortable in my own skin. I am definitely not there. To a certain degree, I'm comfortable with my body. I just wish my body wasn't so damn uncomfortable.

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Mason Jars, Dreams & Candy Canes

As you can see pictured...I have recreated my version of the porch light mason jar  cluster...  Rather than outside I have it in my hall which I thought was a nifty creative idea.  That is, until my husband and son... Continue Reading →

Hey, what are you Laguna at?

OK, so .... I don't know if that title really works but I'm moving on. And What? This city.  Amazing.  Accommodations....Amazing <3.  Sometimes all I can say is, I love my job.  There are times when I wish I wasn't... Continue Reading →

They Do Things Wright in Dayton…

Between Skyline Chili, Smokey Bones & the coffee shop across the street from my hotel that I kept forgetting to get the name of...  Dayton has definitely managed to get one thing right for sure - good food.  Skyline Chili....... Continue Reading →

The BG Monster

BG....BG...  what could she be talking about?  This is the dreaded Blood Glucose Monster that comes out of our innocent sweet adorable child when his sugars reach a high.  Okay, maybe I'm exaggerating a bitttttt..... Okay so NO I AM  NOT.... Continue Reading →

Brooklyn, oh…Brooklyn.

There is something about Brooklyn that stays with you when you leave.  I'm not talking about an incurable disease or a disturbing odor...I'm talking about the "been there, done that" feeling. Confidence...  Hey listen...I survived Bed Stuy.   Okay it... Continue Reading →

What happens in Fayetteville…. Sometimes ends up in my blog.

When I arrived in Fayetteville (fact. #1 - there are 13 Fayettevilles in the US), the first thing I noticed was how small their airport was.  I basically got out of the plane, stepped maybe 10 steps forward through a door... Continue Reading →

I got this, Mom…

Our 11 year old, who has had Type 1 Diabetes since he was six, calls me up today and says, "Mom today I had an infiltrated site...and my blood sugar has been 495 today."  Panic starts to rise inside me as... Continue Reading →

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