Have you ever looked at a picture of yourself that you didn’t recognize fully – and once you realized it was you, you wanted to ….I don’t know…. scream and throw up at the same time?  I know, that seems dramatic.  I’m sorry.  Let’s bring it back a notch.  I haven’t actually seen a picture of myself where I wanted to physically scream and throw up…however.  I have seen a couple where I’m literally shocked because I don’t feel the same way I look in some of my pictures.  This is why…the picture of a table with coffee cups graces the top of my post.

I have this idea of being weightless.  Enlightened…being comfortable in my own skin.  I am definitely not there.  To a certain degree, I’m comfortable with my body.  I just wish my body wasn’t so damn uncomfortable.

Travelling for work is definitely the ultimate weight loss challenge.  Between being stuck in nowheresville with nothing but a few restaurants and a small  mom and pop shop…how travelling just, makes you hungry….makes it hard to plan appropriately.  On the other hand…some of the places I’m sent have everything that you need to create the perfect healthy meal at your fingertips.  The problem with that though is they have everything……that you need to create the perfect unhealthy meal as well…at your fingertips.  It’s that stuff…that they make look pretty.  Broccoli?  Let’s hide that…stuff it down in the bottom so it looks like a nice trimmed hedge around the beautiful chocolate mousse.  The healthy spinach leaves are glaring at the five different types of pasta salads that are laughing at them. Pasta are saying….”we may be sittin’ next to each other but no one loves you, little spinach boy”.

Choices.  I know, yes…it’s all about choices and moderation.  This is unhelpful advice, really.  I mean, I know it’s all about choices and moderation.  I need to diet and exercise. I want to fit into the pair of size 8 hydraullic jeans I bought at Maurices for $14 that I have hidden in the back of my closet somewhere.  Yes ladies…$14.  I bought a pair of what normally cost $72 jeans…for $14.  Yes it’s like…a couple sizes too small for me, but I’ll get there…right?

Yes, I joke…but I truly am serious about my weightless journey, for many reasons.  Those reasons,… and my progress… I will share as I go.