There is something about Brooklyn that stays with you when you leave.  I’m not talking about an incurable disease or a disturbing odor…I’m talking about the “been there, done that” feeling. Confidence…  Hey listen…I survived Bed Stuy.  

Okay it wasnt that I was so brave and confident.  I was given good advice and directions on how to stay alive… and I followed them.  Don’t make eye contact.. look like you know where your going.  Don’t go 5 blocks west.  Don’t venture 3 blocks east.  Most importantly, embrace the culture.

It’s really a beautiful city.  Delis on every corner that serve amazing food.. art covering every building.  Music…fun.  These people know how to have a good time.  

My colleague and I did decide to take the subway to Manhattan to get the full New York experience. I was determined to have a hotdog and pretzel outside Times Square. The energy in New York is something that you just have to experience.  

The closest I came to any dangerous situation was taking an Uber to dinner.  I wouldn’t say I took an Uber actually… I should say,…survived an Uber.  I’ve never experienced fear for my life like this before. Maybe it was the driving 30 MPH backwards four blocks on a one way street because the driver missed the turn.  I don’t know…yeah, it could have been THAT. I dont know why I was so scared…the people I was flying by were smiling and waving.  Other than the trip down Pee Your Pants Lane…I really felt pretty safe and comfortable there.  

Oh Brooklyn… I miss you already.