When I arrived in Fayetteville (fact. #1 – there are 13 Fayettevilles in the US), the first thing I noticed was how small their airport was.  I basically got out of the plane, stepped maybe 10 steps forward through a door to find my luggage staring at me…(I think it was a little nervous about how fast it got there) and 10 more steps later I was outside, where I met my Uber driver and they took me to the hotel.

I had heard people saying that this wasn’t such a great area but where I was…there was maybe 5 hotels, 2 restaurants, 2 gas stations and it seemed like there were more water bugs than actual people.  I do not know if you know what a water bug is… but … o….m….g. Picture a cockroach…..    on steroids.   When I saw my first one I stopped in my tracks and just stared at it as it sauntered on by, acting like I wasn’t even there.  Almost like it knew….that it’s entire being was frightening and people just move out of their way.  Must be a nice life!

The accents here are just adorable (fact #2:  it’s illegal to play bingo for longer than a 5 hour period and no more than 2 times a week ).  I love the “Y’all’s” and “Bless your heart’s”.  These people make me feel loved.

Ok… here’s a question.  Have you ever been spit on while someone is having a conversation with you? I mean, occasionally it will happen… sometimes both people see it and laugh, sometimes you just stand there like a statue going, “uh huh… uh huh…” while your skin is crawling and as soon as they leave you sprint to the bathroom and wash your face off with acid.  Okay, so I was at the gift shop at one of my favorite places in the world, Cracker Barrel.  I strike up a conversation with this cute old man while I waited for my colleague to finish gathering her basket full of goodness.  He is very sweet… and I just didn’t have the heart to walk away…even though every third word caused a tiny piece of his saliva to fling out of his mouth and land on my cheek.  We aren’t talking one little pfff…  if I stood their any longer some would have actually considered it a shower (see how I emphasized ‘Actually’?  That means I’m serious).  She finallllly finished and I was able to escape.  I don’t think I’ve washed my face for that long in my life.

All in all Fayetteville proved to be a cute place to be… I went to the awesome Aribourne & Special Operations museum, which was – oh I already said but I’m going to say it again – awesome.  I took my first shot of vodka here….and every time I passed a bingo hall I looked at my watch wondering if I had time to test and see how many people I could get to break the 5 hour bingo law.