Life can sometimes come at you like a huge boulder… knocking the sense right out of you, or into you.

So…I ask you…how do you become the best version of yourself?  Is this based on what the world has told you that you need to become and what people perceive to be the best?  Is it to be everything you want and ever dreamed of being? I don’t think it’s as clear as that.

Maybe I used to.  Now, though… I believe that to become the best version of yourself, you just need to be.  Not necessarily be anything and everything… but to be aware.  Sometimes it means understanding who you are enough to know where you need to hold back…what your weaknesses are so you can stay strong and stay one step ahead of your impulses.  Be smart, be sweet.  Be sensitive… be tough.

Whatever you find that you are… what you truly are inside…. be it… and change with it.  Don’t conform, but don’t give up on people.  Don’t hide….  be seen.  Shine bright always – don’t let anyone dim you.  Sparkle…have fun, and don’t forget your quirks are what help make you unique and wonderful.

My three year old looked up at me today with his bright amazing eyes and said, “Mommy, are you my friend?”  “Yes baby…I am your friend.”  He nodded and smiled and said, “I am your friend tooooo.”  If we only acted like three year old’s sometimes…it would be a much happier place.  It might be a little stinky…  but we would be happy.

Be happy, my friends :).