BG….BG…  what could she be talking about?  This is the dreaded Blood Glucose Monster that comes out of our innocent sweet adorable child when his sugars reach a high.  Okay, maybe I’m exaggerating a bitttttt….. Okay so NO I AM  NOT.  You don’t KNOW.  Well, if you have a Type 1 Diabetic child then yes you probably do know and you have come face to face with the unhuman-like side of your offspring.

It’s almost like …. patience…and reason…. just, …well, don’t exist!  Then….when he starts coming down from a high…  the flip is switched and you look at him sideways and slowly walk away, because you need about 15 minutes of decompression before you can go about your day.

We have tried to tame the monster….and when he’s high now he will recognize his behavior but the struggle is real people… you can see the tension he is feeling and watch him literally force himself not to fall into the grasp of the monster that wants to possess him.

I’m really just writing this little blurb so that if you can relate to this we can just look at each other and say, “RIGHT???!!!”  Because we need support on this.  I got your back if you’ve got mine.  Come together parents of T1D’s!!!