Between Skyline Chili, Smokey Bones & the coffee shop across the street from my hotel that I kept forgetting to get the name of…  Dayton has definitely managed to get one thing right for sure – good food.  Skyline Chili…. pasta covered in cheese or a chili covered in cheese or hot dogs covered in, that’s right…cheese.  #Scrumptious #NicholasLambrinides #GoThereNow

Yes folks, the food is good and did not help my “Weightless Journey” I’m sure, but let me just say it was worth it.  Moving on!  There is something else about this city that is special.  It’s the birthplace of aviation.  I mean, there is no other city in the world that can be called that, right!  Okay maybe ONE other city that can be called that…. but that is a feud that I fear will be going on for years to come.   What do you think – was it the Wright Brothers?  Was it Gus Whitehead from NC?  Sounds like the world can’t decide… but whatever city it was that deserves that title – there is no doubt in my mind that the Wright Brother story is pretty bad ass.   My first stop – was the National Museum of US Air Force, which was pretty amazing!!  Aside from seeing someone leaving the museum on a stretcher, the experience was worth while!

Unfortunately I stayed in Hotel Corner where everything I needed was in perfect walking distance…. so I didn’t get to explore as much as I would have liked…and other than some pretty awesome history and great food, I learned that in Dayton… no matter how much you tell someone you want unsweetened iced tea… they will give you sweetened.  It’s almost like they just don’t hear you – weirdest phenomenon. ❤ Farewell, Dayton….  till next time!