OK, so …. I don’t know if that title really works but I’m moving on.

And What? This city.  Amazing.  Accommodations….Amazing <3.  Sometimes all I can say is, I love my job.  There are times when I wish I wasn’t travelling because of the boys at home but I always have to think about and appreciate the opportunity I’ve been given. When I was younger I didn’t travel much and now I’ve seen so many parts of the United States I just have to write and tell you about them I guess :).

Beach access, huge tub, gorgeous room and balcony, wonderful treatment.  I …. am not even kidding you!  When is the last time you went to a hotel and was greeted at the door to your room by someone handing you a pillow with your initial monogrammed on it? More, please!!  The weather is breezy and perfect.  I recommend coming here when you can but I do warn you of one thing.  Bring extra cash!

I’ve talked about about my work a couple times on here and you may know that I have spent quite a few years working in hotels.  Have any of you hotel people out there found that speaking to someone else in the business can be a bit…interesting…at times?  This happened to me today.  Let me elaborate.  This was an actual conversation:

“How are you doing temperature wise?  Cold? Hot? Need me to shut this door?”

“Oh I am good, thank you!  How about you? You good? Comfortable?”

“Yes, yes….thank you!”

“My pleasure!”

“Would you like me to grab you some water or anything?”

“Oh no, thank you… but may I grab you something?”

“Oh no, thank you though!”

“My pleasure!”


Alright…it’s 4:30 and I have a half hour before I can wind down….take a walk on the beach…eat… and then later…I shall soak in a soothing bath salted tub and live aroma therapy like for an hour…then chat with my adorable boys and sweet husband for a bit before I drift off into tomorrow.