As you can see pictured…I have recreated my version of the porch light mason jar  cluster…  Rather than outside I have it in my hall which I thought was a nifty creative idea.  That is, until my husband and son who have broader shoulders than I… keep bumping into it.  You’d think that the 2nd time one of the jars fell off and didn’t break when it landed on the tile that I would have considered that being lucky and maybe thought about changing where I have this displayed.   But, I LIKE it there and don’t want to move it…  so…my boys need to learn how to avoid it, that’s all!

You see mason jars everywhere.  The thing is, they are so cool.  I think the salad in the jar as had its 15 minutes of fame, but they make the coolest lights.  I already have plans of changing the lights in my dining room.  I can definitely see going too far with the idea but for now, but they are wonderful multi-purpose treasures.  Not only can they replace your everyday drinking glasses (and much cheaper)…  you can use them to, you know…can stuff… as well as make lights and catch grease from our Jennaire, we use them to grow candy canes.  Make bath salts or candles for presents… I mean, how many things have SO MANY different uses?

Wait…backup… grow…candy canes?  I will let you in on a little secret.  Yes, you can grow your own candy canes.  Now if you are a terribly impatient person, this is not the thing for you.  All that is required:  Patience, a piece of a candy cane, and sugar.  And love.  Don’t forget the love…I don’t want to know what ends up growing if you miss that ingredient.  Message me if you’d like more information on this… Happy Holidays! 🙂