I’m not sure how much what I have to say about myself and my life is of interest to anyone but myself really, but I think that’s okay.  Part of me thinks that if I let go of some of the stuff that’s crawling in my brain…I will have more room for important things.  Learn a new language!  Get a new hobby!  Remember people’s names… sigh…or wait…gasp! Remembering where all my “safe places” are.  Yes.  This is now my goal.

Where ever this takes me, I feel good about it.

Being a wife and mom of 3 boys…I am a tough cookie.  Although I am a tough cookie, I am still soft and chewy on the inside.  I’m filled with chocolately dreams of making everyone happy and being my friend.  Combined with the right amount of egg, butter, blended rolled oats and light brown sugar, I can seriously make things happen.  On the flip side….take me out of the oven before I’m done, I can be one sad looking blob of goo that can fall apart just the second you try to scoop me up.

Great.  Now I’m hungry.