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Hey, what are you Laguna at?

OK, so .... I don't know if that title really works but I'm moving on. And What? This city.  Amazing.  Accommodations....Amazing <3.  Sometimes all I can say is, I love my job.  There are times when I wish I wasn't... Continue Reading →


They Do Things Wright in Dayton…

Between Skyline Chili, Smokey Bones & the coffee shop across the street from my hotel that I kept forgetting to get the name of...  Dayton has definitely managed to get one thing right for sure - good food.  Skyline Chili....... Continue Reading →

Brooklyn, oh…Brooklyn.

There is something about Brooklyn that stays with you when you leave.  I'm not talking about an incurable disease or a disturbing odor...I'm talking about the "been there, done that" feeling. Confidence...  Hey listen...I survived Bed Stuy.   Okay it... Continue Reading →

What happens in Fayetteville…. Sometimes ends up in my blog.

When I arrived in Fayetteville (fact. #1 - there are 13 Fayettevilles in the US), the first thing I noticed was how small their airport was.  I basically got out of the plane, stepped maybe 10 steps forward through a door... Continue Reading →

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